What types of pictures can I use?

You can use any Windows supported image type. JPG is the best as it allows for a nice quality photo and a small file size. Most digital cameras over the last five years take photos of this type. Use the lowest resolution and picture size that your camera allows to keep the image files sizes down or your database will grow large quickly. A high resolution is not needed as it is overkill. A 1 Mega Pixel Camera is overkill and the lower resolutions are recommended for MOLDTRAX.

What is the best screen resolution?

The minimum support screen resolution is 1024 x 768. A 17in or larger monitor is recommended. Lower resolutions are not supported or recommended.

What drawing editor should I use?

For quick easy drawing of molds, tooling, cavities, etc. we like Microsoft Visio. You can use any drawing program and copy and paste you images into the database.

What are the system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are a Pentium III 1.2 GHz with 512 Meg of RAM and at least 100 meg of disk space free. Access 2007 or newer. Access 2013 or 2016 are preferred. Supported operating systems are Windows 7 and Windows 10. Microsoft XP and earlier are not supported.

Is there a way to replicate the database to different sites?

No, Moldtrax was not designed to accommodate any syncing or replication; it is possible replicate a read only version of the MoldTrax file between sites, but that is all.

How do I buy MoldTrax?

For sales information you can email us at sales@moldtrax.com or call our sales department at 419-281-0790.

How do I start using MoldTrax?

Sample molds have been put into the database to give you an idea what is being tracked and how to track it. Beginning at the bottom of page 3 in the User Guide, you will be walked through two methods of starting MOLDTRAX including our FAST START method. You can download the latest copy of the User Guide for up to date information.

Can MoldTrax be used remotely over a network?

Yes, MOLDTRAX will work under Windows Terminal Services for Windows 2000 and 2003 Server and CITRIX Meta Frame. Using these remote access solutions MOLDTRAX can be accessed remotely from any supporting device. By using these solutions MOLDTRAX can be used in a secure wireless environment with handheld devices and table PC’s. You can use MOLDTRAX at your desk, at the press and on the shop floor.

Can MoldTrax be used in a network?

Yes, please contact our support department for details at support@moldtrax.com or call at 419-281-0790.

Can MoldTrax be password protected?

Yes, You can allow or prevent access to the entire MoldTrax database through normal Windows security.

Who can I talk to for help?

MOLDTRAX provides several Support and Training options. Please see those sections for additional details or call our support department at 419-281-0790.