Standard Terminology


Input, retrieve and use data using standardized terms from easy-to-use dropdown boxes.  No more “maintenance stories.”

Tech tips


Create specific instructions in disassembly, cleaning, assembly, polishing and final check procedures of molds and Hot Runner Systems.  This brings new or current employees who are unfamiliar with a specific mold, up to speed quickly, and ensures consistency in repairs among technicians.

Defect/task guide


Utilize a mold specific defect Troubleshooting Guide that displays defect and task types, descriptions, images, probable causes, corrective actions and preventative actions.  This allows you to capture the knowledge of your experienced technicians so the information is never lost and can be shared with everyone.

Inventory Monitoring


Know what tooling is in stock and run reports showing usage and re-order data.



Easily access manifold maintenance and repair instructions, images and specifications of the system.



See if the mold is OK (green), getting close (yellow) or overdue (red) for servicing.  Users set mold specific cycle count thresholds for “live” updates of status and a report may be run showing the status of all molds in production.



View the ongoing ratio of Scheduled vs. Unscheduled Mold Stops, the number of molds currently in production and overall PM status.

custom fields


Pre-loaded standard industry mold maintenance terms and explanations/descriptions in many important fields can be edited/customized as the user requires.