Maintenance Capabilities Assessment (MCA)

An MCA consists of a thorough examination of a company’s specific mold maintenance infrastructure. An accurate determination concerning shop capability to maintain proprietary and custom molds to a high degree of production readiness, reliability and performance is made, and the shop’s degree of proficiency is rated compared to industry standard best practices.

Through this assessment process, MoldTrax will score your company compared to best in class, they will also provide suggested actions in deficient areas that, once implemented, have been shown to significantly reduce the number of unscheduled mold stops by as much as 50% and reduce required labor hours by as much as 10%.

A medical molder with an annual repair budget of approximately $800,000 saved $75,000 a year for each of 3 consecutive years after an MCA by applying our proven, systemized approach.

Companies with multi-cavity molds have experienced as much as a 4% increase in cavity efficiency and reduced tooling usage within one year of completing an MCA when combined with resultant bench and documentation utilization training.

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