Attendees will learn how designing tooling with texture in mind from the beginning can save time in the end.  They will also learn to prevent and solve problems with sink marks, scuff marks, streaking, drag, draft, gloss, paint reflection, texture matching, pad printing and more.

Course highlights include:

  • A deeper understanding of the texture and repair process in a hands-on educational manner

  • How to address issues with Weld, EDM and HAZ along with how different steels and aluminum affect the texturing and repair process

  • Discovery of functional and visual reasons to choose a particular grain, and why giving this consideration early on in the design phase is so important

  • The ins and outs of what is needed to know to have your textured program/project run hassle free


Experience the nuances of a trade that has been so secret -- that no one has ever offered a public course--until now, and leave having the knowledge and confidence to make educated decisions about product design, problem solving and texture repair.

Bonus Offer!

Attendees who sign up for the Component Repair and Texturing Certification Combo course can save $800 on registration fees.

This Combo course offers two days of intensive hands on bench training learning the skills of TIG and Laser Welding along with stoning and polishing to an SPI A-1 finish, and then another two days learning the secrets of texturing. For more information on the Combo Course, please click HERE.

Note: Seats are limited to 8 attendees only... and classes fill up quickly!



$1895 per student

Upcoming Sessions:

September 26-27, 2019-Only 4 Seats Remain